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Susanne Irving 

Susanne Irving - biodegradable plastic experiment_edited_edited.jpg

Thought-provoking, richly layered
experimental mixed media art


© Copyright Susanne Irving

I am participating in the summer exhibitions of the Portsmouth and Hampshire Art Society from 16th - 24th August and the Petersfield Arts and Crafts Society from 23rd - 28th August. It's a chance to pick up original paintings and smaller browser items. 

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As a welcome gift, you will receive a PDF copy of "Treasures in the darkness", a selection of paintings, photography and reflections to provide inspiration and encouragement.

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Creating environment-conscious art

I believe that we are called to be good stewards of all the earth’s resources, whether natural or man-made. Figuring out how to translate this into my practice is an ongoing journey. It starts with being aware of the impact of my work materials and processes on the environment and the willingness to continue to experiment and do things differently, weighing up the pros and cons of different options.


In an attempt to create more eco-friendly pieces, I like to incorporate natural and man-made materials that are often thrown away. I am pleased when someone can see something intriguing or beautiful in an item that would otherwise be destined for landfill.


For me, contrasts between dark and light, the broken and the whole, ultimately highlight hope and light.

I have always loved to experiment, so relish the challenge of finding environment-friendly alternatives for paints and materials.

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