Welcome to my online gallery. :)


Below is a very small selection of my work, which gives you a flavour of the kind of work I currently do.


More paintings will be added in coming months, and there will also be increasing  opportunities to buy original pieces of art, photographs and prints online.


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Let There Be Light web image.jpg

Light in the darkness

Signs of hope and life amidst life's challenges - discovering beauty and purpose amidst brokenness. 

I love the Japanese concept of Kintsugi – broken pottery is not thrown away, but the history of the vessel is honoured by repairing the breakage with a lacquer that has been mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum.

Whilst my work in this series does not (yet) contain precious metals, I try to offer a new life to broken glass and items that are usually destined for landfill by combining them with paints and inks. This creates highly textured 3D canvases.

Some pieces are available as prints so that they can be enjoyed by a wider audience. For print options, head over to the carbon neutral print shop.



Journey Susanne Irving Soulpainting series.jpg


Paintings that depict inner landscapes and journeys - a gateway to processing feelings, thoughts and memories.

“I have realised that the most challenging mountains are the ones inside. There was a mountain I wanted to climb, but there is a mountain range I need to climb. Pride, doubt, grief – these mountains are more formidable than any physical mountain I could ever scale. No, I am not expecting to get to the top any time soon – some mountains take a lifetime to climb.” 


This was my conclusion in "How to conquer a mountain: Kilimanjaro lessons", a book my husband John and I wrote back in 2014. I have discovered in the intervening years that the painting process is one means of working through challenging emotional terrain.

Even though the paintings in this collection may have autobiographical elements, viewers may see elements of their own journey reflected in them or have a unique way of interpreting what is going on.

I do not want to spoil your experience with my explanations, but if you do want to find out more about the story of a painting, head over to the blog, where I will share more details about the work I create.

Mysteries of the universe Susanne Irving Work on paper.jpg

Experimental work

It is part of my art practice to experiment with different materials to see the textures and effects that can be achieved.


The results are either kept in my sketchbooks for future reference or will be offered for sale. 


Work for sale will generally either fit a 20cm x 20cm or 30cm x 30cm frame. 

One of the papers I  like to work on is acid-free khadi rag . It is made from recycled cotton from the Indian garment industry. It has a lovely texture and is strong enough to withstand some vigorous mark-making and layering.

This section may also include some giclée prints. 

If you head over to the online shop, you can check out what is currently on offer

Portsmouth Reflections Susanne Irving Reflection series.jpg


I love "reflective photography" (photos that are showing reflections and inviting reflection!), nature's art (showing botanicals in an interesting light) and photographic experiments that may involve changing and combining paintings and photos through photo editing software.


Professional photo prints may be added to the online store in the coming months.