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A visit to my studio

I am trying something new in this blogpost by sharing a video that I filmed at the end of 2022. The video would normally only be available for members of Louise Fletcher's Art Tribe, but I have been given the permission to share it.

I have been a member of Art Tribe for several years. Making art can at times be a lonely business, and I am glad that I found a supportive creative community. Louise puts together monthly masterclasses, and there is an opportunity to learn from other artists around the world.

Everyone is willing to share their knowledge and expertise - take the above video: I had never filmed myself and my work on a mobile, but my different video snippets were put together into one coherent whole by Art Tribe's community manager Trayci Tompkins.

There is a 30 days free trial available, so you can check out Art Tribe for yourself: Art Tribe — Louise Fletcher Art

In the video, I mention Nicholas Wilton's Creative Visionary Program, which I participated in during the first lockdown. The 12 week program only runs once a year; before enrolment opens, Nicholas offers some inspiring free workshop. They start on 13th February this year. You can sign up here (Nicholas works in acrylics, but the principles he teaches are applicable to other media. I used eco household paints for some of the exercises.)



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