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A well of inspiration - Exhibitions

In recent months I have been able to show some of my work in 3 art exhibitions, and I have taken away a lot of inspiration.

It is really helpful to see work in different spaces and from different angles and next to other artists' work. I also love seeing how visitors interact with work: Do they study a piece from a certain distance, or do they like to get up close and personal and explore the texture of a piece?

I enjoy assisting someone with their purchase when they have just found the right piece for their home or for a friend. I love the way that art can spread a little bit of joy and sparkle. (I hope the hand-finished print above that sold at the Petersfield Arts and Crafts Exhibition is now brightening someone's day. There are more prints available to order in my print shop.)

Exhibitions also offer the chance to learn from other artists and makers, especially people who are working very differently from how I would approach a topic. I may see a colour combination I have never thought of, a different way of achieving a texture, an usual way to showcase work, or I may trade tips and tricks of different ways of using a material.

I have become aware of how much work is involved in putting together an exhibition, especially as arrangements had to be tweaked or completely overhauled in light of the ongoing pandemic. So I want to say a huge thank you to the organisers of the summer exhibition in Portsmouth Cathedral, the autumn exhibition in the Liss Triangle Centre and the winter exhibition in the Physics Garden Hall in Petersfield.

The Petersfield exhibition finishes this Sunday, 5th December and is open from 10am-4pm until then - so don't forget to pop in if you are in town. The art exhibition is held in the Physics Garden Hall - please use the side entry. I usually post on a Tuesday, but did not want anyone to miss an opportunity to find a unique Christmas present. Any item purchased can be taken away immediately.

You may want to combine your visit to the arts exhibition with the Petersfield Christmas festival on Sunday, 5th December.


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