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A well of inspiration - Experiments

I love to experiment to find new ways of expressing an idea or concept. To my mind, there are no failed experiments - just experiments that bring unexpected results, which then lead to new lines of enquiry.

The other day I was experimenting with preserving petals by covering them with clear eco-friendly varnish. I placed the flower petal on a sheet covered with what I assumed was imitation copper and discovered that the varnish reacted with the copper. I like the vivid blue that emerged and may now do more experiments to see whether other colours can be "teased" out of copper.

I like the prospect of my work changing over time. Nature is never static, after all, and a lot of my work is inspired by what I observe in nature or what I imagine is happening in nature if we just had eyes to see.

Taking a high quality photo that can be printed on archival paper ensures that there is a record of how the work first looked. (If you buy an original experimental piece you can request a complimentary giclée print.)


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