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A well of inspiration - workshops

I recently joined a watercolour workshop with Catherine Beale which was organised by the Petersfield Arts & Crafts Society. I love attending live workshops for many different reasons.

There is the opportunity to meet with other artists and exchange ideas and processes, even if we currently still have to "dance" around each other as we try to maintain a safe social distance.

Workshops also introduce me to different ways of working than I may be used to. I have always been told that I had to work from light to dark when using watercolours, but Catherine showed us that it is also possible to work from dark to light.

There is also the chance to try out another artist's colour palette. I usually work with the colours suggested by the tutor. This time I discovered a colour called "Purple Lake" as a way of adding a bit of punch to earth colours and blues. I notice though that I generally want to work with bolder, brighter colours in this season.

I also noticed once again that I am less interested in depicting what a landscape looks like (I can use my camera for this) and more interested in what it feels like to be on a journey. For me trees are not just signposts when I try to find my bearings on a walk, but are also important reminders of psychological and spiritual processes.

I have come away with both new ways of working and ideas for future paintings.

What is inspiring you right now?


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