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AppArt Exhibition opens this Saturday

I am excited about the upcoming AppArt exhibition in Godalming where two of my paintings have been accepted.

The 30cm x 30cm painting called “Memories” was created in the summer of 2020.

My watchword for 2020 had been “bench time” – little did I know that the year ahead would bring “time out” for the whole world and that physical benches would soon be out of bounds...

At first I tried to keep to my routine and busy schedule – I was used to working online on Zoom. (I had introduced Zoom to the counselling world when most people still skyped.) However, a few weeks into the first UK lockdown, I hurt my foot and was forced to slow down and find a different rhythm.

Painting was - and is - one of the practices that helps me to relax and be fully present in the moment.

Like most of my paintings, “Memories” started with play and experimentation rather than with a fixed idea.

I was testing different blues...

Wanted to know how different paints would interact with each other...

Experimented with collage....

After several layers, the image of a bench suggested itself. Benches began to feature regularly in my work, expressing a longing for a return to some normality.

What a pleasure to see people sitting together on a bench again, chatting and laughing.

Benches once again offer an opportunity for a few minutes of restful contemplation: Dropping my load for a while… Looking for what emerges… Treasuring the gifts of the present moment … Regaining energy and strength.

The AppArt exhibition is held at Prior's Field School, Godalming GU7 2RH and is open from Saturday, 9th April until Sunday, 24th April from 10am-4pm.

The free annual exhibition includes an indoor exhibition of ceramics, glass art, paintings, photography and sculpture and an outdoor sculpture trail in the Gertrude Jeykle inspired garden – altogether, there will be more than 750 artworks on display.

I am stewarding on Saturday, 23th April from 1.00-4:00pm. Please say “hi” if you pop in on that day.


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