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Art journey snippets - Part 1

I have shared last week about Kate Boucher, who collected snippets from books, radio and conversations as part of her lockdown art projects. So I decided to go on a "snippet hunt". Here are the snippets from my first 32 blogposts written between 30th July 2021 and 4th February 2022…

untouched and unchanged

embrace space

in the messy middle art process will be messy too

Life prevails over barrenness

In an ever-changing world, the moon still waxes and wanes

“time out” for the whole world

Burning bush moments

silence has a sound

no easy answers

a bit of sparkle

Creative packaging solutions

To sign or not to sign

once I made some holes, I loved the way the light shone through

Challenges and pain do not negate the presence of beauty and hope

who can beat nature’s art

coming alive at different viewing angles

anything to get moving

The dance only flows when we are fully present in the moment

every one of us matters

let go of my grasp

without optical brighteners and so highly resistant to ageing

piece of art in its own right

seasons of apparent barrenness prepare the way for future growth

art can spread a little bit of joy and sparkle

there are no failed experiments

the gift of presence

healthy growth cannot be rushed

rich "compost" in which new projects can thrive

work with bolder, brighter colours in this season

any journey is more enjoyable and meaningful in the company of like-minded people

the passage of time can add depth to a work

our clutter can become someone else's treasure

Some lines may make great painting titles or fun writing prompts. These snippets also remind me that

- growth is messy and takes time (a lot more time than I would like, but it will be worth it in the end)

- to embrace imperfection

- to be grateful for companions on the journey.

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