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Art journey snippets - Part 2

I have really enjoyed hunting for snippets in my old blogposts. Snippets have made me smile and brought back memories. I hope you enjoy my collection too. It is based on blogposts from 16th February to 27th September 2022.

Finding freedom in simplicity

on high energy days, I can feel like super woman

It takes discernment to know whether, when and how to act

we could all do with an injection of hope

unpredictable movement, but knew they would not last

free items still have a cost

What a pleasure to see people sitting together on a bench again, chatting and laughing

Beacons of hope - human creativity used for a positive purpose

acts of creativity and generosity celebrate life and love

hope and light even in times of darkness

I can lift the spirit of someone who lives thousands of miles away

No colour is an island

many different "shades" of white

immersion in one place can provide endless inspiration

soulscapes rather than landscapes

new insights and ideas come through touch and play

anything goes in a sketchbook

making something meaningful out of waste

Journey of a painting

watching the patterns created and recreated by the changing tides

Tidal play

Building on what came before

gentle meandering that a landscape format provides

all the different seasons found in a single patch of soil

sunlight "dances" across the display boards

while my foundation may become invisible, it will still impact what I do

the first marks are often the hardest

names alone made me smile

The joy of art

Together we rise

stop procrastinating and get to work!

less is often more powerful than more

I have found this exercise a great mood booster. It has reminded me why I make art and has brought back memories of treasured experiences. I have also discovered that while a picture may say a thousand words, sometimes words can paint a thousand pictures!


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