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Artists Open Houses Brighton & Hove

Thank you to all the artists and creatives who have opened up their homes and studios once again to bring a bit of festive cheer. Whilst I have focussed on getting my work into exhibitions, I know that a lot of work goes on behind the scene. It's a big commitment on so many levels.

I love to look at art that is very different from mine, so my first port of call was Faye Bridgwater's home and studio. Her art looks even more vibrant and colourful in real life than it looks on a screen - in fact, looking at the photo of us, it would appear that I have specifically dressed to match the colour palette of her paintings. (Intriguingly, Faye says that she always dresses in black. Out goes the theory that you can tell what an artist's art is like by looking at an artist's clothes!)

I especially liked having a snoop around Faye's garden studio. The liberal splashes of paint on her painting walls made me smile. I have told her that some would make great prints.

Here are some lessons I am taking away from my time in Faye's home and studio:

1. Make art-making fun.

2. Think and paint outside the box.

3. Use colour to change the atmosphere and energy of an environment.

Many artist studios and homes in Brighton and Hove are still open for a further two weekends. For a listing of participating artists and there opening hours, check here if you are in the area.

My own art is currently displayed in The Holy Art Gallery. The virtual exhibition runs until 22nd December. There are also still some stocking fillers of small experiments and hand-finished prints available. Please order by 14th December, as I will be away for the second half of December.


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