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Autumn memories

No two autumns are alike, but at the moment I am particularly enjoying looking at "Autumn Glory", a painting I created last October, using eco household paints and natural materials.

It currently hangs in our kitchen right across from where I am usually sitting, and every time I look at it, I discover new nuances.

I so hope the suspended leaf will stay in place - the painting hangs near a radiator and if this leaf stays put over winter, the painting will have passed its probation period and is ready for public exhibition.

If the leaf comes off, I am thinking of using the skills I am learning in my oil painting course to paint a leaf.

Last year was the first time I experimented with combining words and image on a canvas. I first wrote down some descriptions of my experience of autumn in pencil before covering up the words with paint. I like that some of the words are still peeking through, despite several paint layers.

In case you are curious, here is the extract of my description of autumn 2022, which initially inspired the painting:


October pops and fizzes,

lime green flashes through the autumnal kaleidoscope.

It is raining leaves: some sailing to the ground, unforced and unhurried,

others ripped from the tree in fistfuls in a sudden gust of wind.

A maple leaf shows off its bold yellow and red coat of arms amongst its fallen comrades,

tinged with dark purple at the edges – the fleeting beauty of nature’s ever-changing art...

October does not surrender quietly to the encroaching darkness.


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