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Dealing with the winter season

We had the first snow last night, after an unusually warm and sunny November. Whilst I love the glorious burst of colours in autumn, I find grey winter days challenging. Yet I know that seasons of apparent barrenness prepare the way for future growth.


On the surface,

a lot is broken,



bug dig a little deeper

to where the streams of living water flow.

Notice the seeds of possibility…

New life is waiting to burst forth

when the time is right.

In the meantime


in expectation,

trusting in the life

just below the surface.

(c) Susanne Irving, 2020

Last year's "Seasons" painting and poem remind me to hold on to hope in grey and difficult times and keep looking beneath the surface.

The painting contains seeds and material I found when I was digging in our back garden. It celebrates what is usually invisible - the rich and varied life of our soil.


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