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Easter reflections

I wish you and your loved ones a hope-filled Easter. May you glimpse the light in these dark times.

I continue to be encouraged by acts of creativity and generosity that celebrate life and love. Inspired by the "Give with art" initiative, I have now set up a print shop where all profits will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee. I have chosen prints that speak to me of hope and light.

The music video that has most lifted my spirit in recent days is a compilation of different "Blessing" songs that have been recorded around the world since the start of the pandemic - a glimpse of what the world could look like if we all understood the message of Easter and used our creativity and talents for the good of others.

Since 2020, I have done art installations in our front garden as a way to mark the season. This year I have combined work from the last few years. The titles came to me while I was reflecting on the Easter story in the light of current events.

Good Friday: "Shattering of the old order"

I painted this canvas in 2020 as a reminder of the turning point in human history. It was inspired by some of the details recorded in the bible: The crucifixion is accompanied by an earthquake and 3 hours of darkness in the middle of the day while Jesus hangs on the cross; when Jesus dies, the thick curtain that separates the Holy of Holies from the rest of the temple splits from top to bottom.

Easter Saturday: "Longing for the grave clothes to come off"

I was startled at first when our joined Good Friday worship service (the first since 2019) ended with an Easter hymn. To me it expressed our longing for healing, restoration and certainty - so many things have shattered and keep shattering in recent years. While we know in hindsight how the original Easter story ends, tomorrow is still veiled.

Easter Sunday: "Resurrection power"

This canvas was painted a few years ago for my friend Paula's 70th birthday. Paula died almost a year ago. She firmly believed in life after death, so her painting seems a fitting image for Easter Sunday. When I was originally painting the picture, I was focussed on the butterflies, which for me are a symbol of radical transformation. When I look at the painting now I get a sense of resurrection power - the heavy gravestone is removed for good.

Here is to coming Easter victories.


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