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Exhibition in Portsmouth Cathedral

After months of preparation, the exhibition in Portsmouth Cathedral is now open. The exhibition is open from 10am Monday to Saturday and 12:45 on a Sunday until Wednesday, 10th August 2022.

I loved meeting other artists and visitors at the private view last Friday, and I am looking forward to going down to the cathedral again this coming Friday. There are so many interesting stories and always something new to discover.

One thing I love about being by the seaside is the patterns created by the changing light, so I was really pleased to discover that my paintings have been hung opposite the sales desk. From last year's experience, I know that sunlight "dances" across the display boards on a sunny day, and I am looking forward to seeing what impact this has on the images.

I have already shared about 5 of my paintings in recent blogposts. Here is some information about the 6th painting, which I titled "South Coast".

My smallest hanging work is “weightier” than it looks. I have mounted the canvas on two upcycled frames with inbuilt sheets of glass. They represent the promenade, shore, and sea.

The sand has been "harvested" from my shoes on my seaside walks, and the texture was created by incorporating pieces of sea urchin shells.

I have added a sun and a sail as I have always loved to watch the sun rise and set over the sea; in most weathers, you can also spot the sail of a windsurfer or sailing boat somewhere on the horizon...

To me the painting speaks of carefree days by the sea and makes me smile whenever I look at it. I hope you enjoy it too...

Here are some tips when you are visiting the exhibition in Portsmouth Cathedral:

  • You can pick up a catalogue which lists all the artwork and artists for just £1 at the sales desk.

  • If you want to know more about the exhibiting artists, also look out for a folder with artist information, which can usually be found on a table in the middle of the exhibition space (next to the post box where you can post your vote for your favourite painting and a visitors' book).

  • All items on the display boards are for sale, unless they have a green sticker (Not for sale paintings) or a red sticker (already sold).

  • A "P" behind an entry in the catalogue means that the items can be found in one of the browsers. This year, there have been a lot of portfolio entries, so do not forget to have a look at the various browsers, which are dotted around the exhibition space. (I have included 3 small original paintings and 5 giclée prints of original artwork in the browsers. The archival fine art prints have been hand-finished to add texture and depth. Most of my paintings can be made available as a print - please contact me if this is of interest.)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any of the artists on duty in the cathedral. I am going to be on duty on Friday, 5th August, and always enjoy having a chat, so please say hi.


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