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Ideal versus reality

The Creative Visionary Program starts at 8pm UK time today, and I confess that I do not feel ready. As mentioned previously, I had signed up for a decluttering course at the beginning of the year, and part of my vision was to have a clear, calm studio space in time for the first session tonight... (No, I did not see any issues with tackling both an decluttering course and a creative bootcamp at the same time - on high energy days, I can feel like super woman!)

However, after a heavy cold a few weeks ago followed by a mild Covid infection this week, I currently have significantly less mental and physical energy. Whilst the cabinet in my studio is now organised, there are still piles of paper, art experiments and equipment all around me. Yes, it would have been ideal if all this could have been cleared away properly, but clearing one corner of a table will have to do for today.

I have wondered whether I should postpone my participation in the Creative Visionary Program until next year. After all, in an ideal world it would be helpful to spend several hours in the studio every day to get the most out of the bootcamp.

It has been helpful to be reminded by Nicholas Wilton of the power of small regular habits. In a recent talk to alumni he said that we can create a greater impact by doing an action regularly for a short amount of time than spending large amounts of time on a project occasionally.

This reminded me of putting together my “Treasures in the darkness” booklet at the end of 2020. It was produced in around 2 weeks after I made the decision to spend at least 10 minutes a day on it.

So for now I have scaled back my ambitions and decided to work on creative projects for a minimum of 15 minutes 6 times a week.

I am not sure whether I will see any “magic acceleration” on any of my creative projects in the next 12 weeks, but at least I am walking in the right direction, even if my destination is a little hazy at present and progress slow.


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