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Introductionary offer of "Memories" print

As mentioned in last week's blogpost, I ran a meditation exercise in an online workshop last Saturday. It was based on the painting "Memories", which found a new home at the AppArt exhibition last year but lives on as a print.

Particpants reported that looking at the image helped them to reflect and connect, and several people were interested in buying a print. The buyers were all based in the US. Unfortunately, my favourite carbon-neutral printing company The Print Space do not have printing facilities in America, so shipping a print from the UK is very expensive.

However, while researching alternatives, I came across Fine Art America, who have printing facilities in the US and also in Glasgow. I ordered some samples and received my prints in 4 days - so if you order now, you should still be able to receive the print for Christmas. Items will be sent out by Fine Art America, who are using the nearest suitable printing facility.

Fine Art America gives the option to print on all kinds of surfaces and in all kinds of sizes. I am still learning how to configure the product offer. At the moment all products are available at an introduction price - here is the link to the product offer.

If you are interested in a print, I would suggest an art print on Archival Matte paper between 10" x 10" and 14" x 14" to best bring out the colours and details. (Please note that Fine Art America adds a 2" border, so if you order a 12" x 12" print, it fits a 14" x 14" frame.)

The current selection also includes a 5" x 7" greeting card. The card is printed on digital offset printers on 100 lb paper stock and comes with a white enevelope. It is coated on the outside with an UV protectant, so is glossy in appearance.

In my test order, the colours reproduced accurately. The image below shows the section that is printed. I would have never thought of cropping the image this way, one of the joys of trying different companies.

You have the option to print a message of up to 500 characters as well.

The last date to deliver and/or send any stocking fillers is Friday, 15th December - here is the link to the page.


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