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Learning curve

This week I worked on setting up a password for my stocking filler sales page so that my subscribers would get first pick of the sales items.

Last year, I had incorporated images into an email, but as the number of sales items has more than doubled, I wanted to make it easier for buyers to browse for what is available and for me to add additional items.

I am currently thinking of offering sales items more regularly throughout the year, as I come across an experiment that I think would brighten up someone's home. My watchword for the year has been "simplicity", and I have realised that keeping everything I find even remotely interesting does create clutter.

When I was looking at various items, I noticed what a difference the right frame makes, and that sometimes items can be framed in various ways, depending on intention and the mood I am trying to create.

This exercise was a timely reminder that boundaries bring clarity and focus. (I confess that I used to think of myself as a very rule-bound person, but have discovered how often I rebel against boundaries.)

I also learned that technology can make life both easier and more stressful. While my new stocking fillers 2023 page looked good on my screen, I discovered that all access to my pages had disappeared from my home page when using a desktop or tablet, and that there were unexpected duplicate sections on a mobile. I watched help videos and checked all kind of buttons - but no remedy could be found. I am still hoping that it is a temporary blip on Wix's side rather than something I have done. Whilst I found a way to work around the problem, it reminded me that it is foolish to rely solely on technology.

Whilst I tend to be a perfectionist and want my website to be easy to navigate and to look professional, I decided that the timely release of content was more important than design.

The sales page will be made available to the general public on 1st December. If you would like earlier access, please subscribe to my newsletter.


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