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Learning from other cultures

Kew Gardens currently have different art installations from around the world, focussing on the issue of food security in the face of the climate emergency. The exhibition "Food forever" runs until 18th September and is well worth a visit.

The picture above is by Ghanaian artist Serge Attukwei Clottey, whose installation is commemorating the harvest festival of the Ga people. Serge has a team of people walking around Accra collecting discarded plastic jerrycans. They are cut up and then woven and welded into fabrics for large scale installations.

It gave a glimpse of how much plastic is in circulation in Accra alone but was also a reminder that what we in the West consider rubbish is often seen as valuable raw material in Africa.

A BBC article mentioned that Serge even created a yellow brick road through a district of Accra out of the woven fabric. The project brought the community together and gave employment opportunities to local people - another example of making something meaningful out of waste.


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