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Learning to paint in oils - an update

I am currently working through the penultimate section in the last block of the foundation course of the Evolve Art Education.

It has been a struggle to keep going. Whilst we can now choose between several photos to paint, none of the images really inspired me.

We were told that we could expect to spend a lot longer on each painting than in previous blocks, but I painted as quickly as possible to get the challenge "over and done with" (and to be able to move on to images I enjoy.) However, speed killed accuracy and learning. I was exhausted at the end of each painting session and increasingly demotivated.

When I shared my difficulties with the instructors, they suggested to get feedback after each painting session and to work in small sections.

I chose the lion head painting because it has a great variety of textures (textile, bronze, metal, feather, marble, glass, wood).

I envisaged painting the red curtain in my first painting session and was surprised when it was suggested to only paint a small section of the curtain.

Progress on the painting has been very slow. It has already taken several weeks to finish the curtain and two of the three feathers.

Whilst progress is much slower than I initially anticipated, I am learning useful skills.

I always thought I am aware of details - now I see subtle colour nuances and other details which I would have previously missed.

I also notice that it is easier to stay focussed when working on smaller sections. Painting day feel more manageable, and I still have energy for other tasks when I put the paintbrush down.

I have stopped putting pressure on myself by setting tight self-imposed deadlines. I am learning to enjoy the journey rather than focussing on the destination.


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