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Let there be light

This is the second piece created for the summer exhibition in Portsmouth Cathedral. Once again I wanted to reflect a sense of hope amidst the challenges. Yes, there are many thorny issues we are facing, but there are also signs of light and life!

Why the title?

“Let there be light!” This is how the biblical story begins.

"Let there be light!" My heartfelt longing, especially in the early months of this year, when lockdown dragged on.

The dark season has one advantage though - the incredible night sky! I am privileged to live in the South Downs National Park, which is designated an International Dark Sky Reserve (IDSR). I love going out onto the heath in Petersfield on a clear winter night and look up at the moon and stars.

I have always been fascinated by the moon. In an ever-changing world, the moon still waxes and wanes as it has done for thousands of years. I also love the colour and size variations during super moons.

During the day, it is easy to take light for granted; at night, we are more aware of our needs. As long as there is light, thorns and brambles can be dealt with.

I also enjoy this painting turned by 90 degrees:

There is light at the end of the tunnel!

or how about

Finding a place of safety...


Breakthrough - after much digging, we finally strike gold...

or... you decide!

As ever, you may see something completely different in the painting. I would love for you to share your insights. You can comment below or e-mail me at


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