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Lighter and brighter

I wish you a hope-filled 2022. At this time of year, I review the past year and also ponder what to focus on in the next season.

My theme in 2021 was "Open", and I have spent my time exploring many different options after leaving paid employment, trying to discover the best "fit" for my creative expressions and a new structure and rhythm for my life.

To be honest, I expected this process to be over and to have clarity by now, but I have realised that healthy growth cannot be rushed... I planted a hyacinth bulb in water in October, expecting it to flower by Christmas, yet all is seemed to produce were more and more roots. However, when I checked on the bulb again on new year's day, there was finally a green shoot.

This seems to fit in nicely with the theme that has emerged for me for 2022: "Lighter and brighter."

I am aware that a lot of my paintings tend to be quite dark and that my studio and our house are overflowing with "stuff". I find it hard to let things go, as I envisage future uses for the materials I collect and hate to send anything to landfill. However, I love colour and a sense of spaciousness.

So I am looking forward exploring how to bring these elements into my life and art.

I already had great fun getting all my watercolours out to see all the colours I currently own...

Have you got a theme for 2022?


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