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Local "Celebration of life" exhibition

We are blessed to have spaces with a heart for local artists here in Petersfield. Last December, Gallery 30 put out a call for their first open call exhibition, and I am very pleased that I am one of 40 artists chosen to exhibit in the cafe cum art gallery this January.

Last week, I showed you the collage that has been chosen for the exhibition. The painting above is the second entry that has been selected. It is called "Let there be light" and painted on a 30 x 30cm deep canvas. I have made prints of this work in the past, but this is your chance to own the original. You can find a little bit more about the painting in this blogpost.

The cafe is usually open from 9am to 4.30pm, but two art evenings have been organised on Wednesday, 11th January and Friday, 13th January from 6-8pm - an opportunity to have a drink and to chat to some of the local artists. I am going to be in Gallery 30 on Friday night - please say hi if you decide to come in that evening.

NB I have decided to publish my blogposts on a Saturday rather than on a Tuesday this year, as this fits better with the flow of my week.


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