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My play kit

Our recent trip involved a few days of creative exploration in paint. We were told to bring an easel, but were otherwise given free reign in terms of materials - I always want to experiment with "everything", but I knew space was limited so I experimented with various ways of packing items.

I am particularly proud of my lightweight mixed media box. I used a cardboard box that once upon a time housed pastels and crammed it with oil pastels, Inktense blocks and metallic neon pastels. (I cut each pastel to size to maximise space.)

Pigments are lightweight and can easily be transported in plastic pouches. I had linseed oil and plant-based clear acrylic on me, so could experiment with both homemade oilpaints and eco acrylics. I transported the pigments in a loose tea tin in case there were any spillages.

A metal tin with watercolour and gouache. I prefer watercolour in tubes, as it is more versatile. The round tins are tins I was given when sampling cosmetics many years ago - sometimes it is helpful that I find it hard to throw anything away...

I'll share further ideas in another blogpost.


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