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Other items in my play kit

For my trip, I treated myself to a new 15 cm x 15 cm Khadi sketchbook. I love the versatility of this ethical paper. It is ideal for mixed media work - as the paper is made out of cotton left over from the production of T-shirts in India, you can even stitch into the pages. I varnished the front cover with Earth Paint Natural Acrylic Medium for protection. Just like ordinary acrylic medium, it also makes a good glue.

Lakeland Eco household paints come in small containers, which are ideal when travelling. Their newest version has a child-lock, which makes them even more secure (almost too secure - they are a challenge to open...) Graphenstone Eco household paints come in tins, which are difficult to close properly after they have been opened. So I have decanted Graphenstone paint into containers with a screw lid. I need secure containers as I have a habit of not closing lids properly, so I have spilled paint on more than one occasion...

When I first was gifted with some oilpaints, I invested in some eco-friendly oilpaint mediums. The problem that they have a very strong smell. So I transported them in the container that once housed a Shewee that I had wanted to take on my Kilimanjaro adventure. I never got on with the Shewee, but the container was great. It protected bottles from breakages (The glass bottles are empty aromatherapy bottles) and kept the smells at bay...


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