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Preview of Petersfield exhibition

This week’s blogpost is a day early, as the preview for the Petersfield Art and Craft summer exhibition is tomorrow (Tuesday) from 7-9pm. Often work sells early, so if you have the chance, do pop in on Tuesday.

The official exhibition runs from Wednesday, 24th August until Monday, 29th August and is open every day from 10am-4pm. Entry is free.

It is so exciting to be finally back in the Festival Hall. It means that more work and larger work can now be displayed once again.

If you have been on the Petersfield Arts and Craft Society’s Instagram or Facebook page, you will have already had a preview of some of the amazing works that will be on display.

Here is the work I will be showing (all my pieces are for sale):

“Origins” was produced at the end of 2019. It remains one of my favourite pieces. I love the energy and drama of the work. I have always envisaged showing it in the Festival Hall one day. If you are interested to find out more about the painting, check the blogpost I wrote about it in 2021.

“Encounter” is an eco-painting that was exhibited in Portsmouth Cathedral in 2021, but it was too big to be exhibited in the PACS winter exhibition of 2021. There is quite a bit of history behind this piece – I wrote 3 blogposts about this work, which you can check out here and here and here.

This piece is called “Play” and was done in 2020. During Nicholas Wilton’s Creative Visionary Programme, we were introduced to the idea of a playboard, where we would wipe off any paints left over from a painting session. These playboards would usually become the backgrounds for future work, but I have always kept this one aside. The colours and style are quite different from how I usually paint, but I like the cheerful feel of this wooden panel.

This framed canvas is called “Emergence”. If you look closely, you can see butterflies. I have always been inspired by butterflies – for me they offer signs of hope and joy: signs we have to intentionally look for in challenging times. (When checking what a group of butterflies is called, I discovered that there are some delightful names for them, depending on their activities: a kaleidoscope, a flutter or a bivouac. The names alone made me smile.)

“Treasure” is exhibited in the foyer of the Festival Hall. This section was very popular at previous exhibitions, as all pictures in the foyer cost £35 and can be taken home straight away.

It is also worth checking the browsers. You can find some of my smaller mixed media experiments and a hand-finished giclée print in the browsers:

I hope you have enjoyed this little exhibition tour - remember there is much more to see than my work.

If you decide to come along, do say hi. I will be at the Festival Hall at the preview evening and on Thursday, 25th (noon-2pm), Saturday, 27th (2-4pm) and Sunday, 28th (2-4pm).


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