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Snapshot of the AppArt exhibition

My husband John and I went to the preview of the AppArt exhibition yesterday. As last year, there is a lot to see, and every time I walked around I spotted something different that I liked. I was naturally drawn to pieces with a burst of colour and upcycled sculptures, but there were so many interesting pieces that I would find it impossible to choose a favourite.

I noticed how looking at so many different creative expressions gave me energy. John, who does not usually try his hand at art, now wants to have a go at upcycling broken pottery.

The exhibition opened this morning at 10am and is on until Saturday, 15th April at 4pm. I am looking forward to stewarding on Friday, 14th April for 3 hours in the afternoon, as this gives me another chance to explore and meet fellow creatives and art enthusiasts.

Here are some snapshots of the exhibition:


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