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Some thoughts on repetition

Last week I mentioned that I have decided to repeat Nicholas Wilton’s Creative Visionary Program. I tend to always look for new things to explore, but there are several reasons why I have chosen to change my approach this year:

Getting back into the creative flow: In 2021, I focussed on learning the basics of running my own business, including setting up a website, learning about social media and participating in exhibitions, so creating new art took a back seat.

I am in a different place than I was in 2020: Back then, I was preoccupied with deciding whether or not to take early retirement and had to learn basic creative principles about design, value and colour. The programme looks at acrylics in great depth, so I learned a lot about working with acrylics. However, I am interested in creating environmentally conscious art. Now I feel more confident to translate the principles taught on the course into other media.

Depth instead of breadth: Nicholas Wilton has always stressed that there is a link between what happens in our art and what happens in our lives. I believe that this principal also works the other way around: What I discover in other areas of life can also be translated into art. (This January, I have worked with the evocative prologue to John’s gospel for most days in my personal studies. I noticed how much there can be gained in engaging with something familiar again and again. The study has enriched my imagination, has led to fresh insights and even to an idea for a children's book! What I feared might be a boring approach has turned out to be fresh and exciting.)

Living lighter and brighter: My husband and I have signed up for a declutter course to create more space in our home. I am aware how much art materials and half-finished artwork I have accumulated over the years. It is currently spread out over 2 rooms. I want to try to consolidate what I have got to make room for new work. There is still a big box of acrylic paints to be used up before permanently moving to more environment-friendly media. I also want to look afresh at paintings I started in 2020 that never got resolved. (I do not mind working on paintings over months or even years – I believe that the passage of time can add depth to a work.)

What are your thoughts on repetition and going over familiar ground again? You can now leave a comment below.


There is still time to sign up for Nicholas Wilton’s FREE workshops on design, value and colour, which are released at 2pm UK time on 14th February (Design), 15th February (Value) and 17th February (Colour) The workshops are pre-recorded and are available for a week. I have found the tips on colour mixing particularly useful.

Here is a link where you can sign up to the free workshops - there is no obligation to take things any further.


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