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Still waiting...

The exhibitions in Petersfield and Portsmouth offer an opportunity to show some larger pieces, and I have been busy selecting paintings for both exhibitions.

Here is an experimental piece I started last October. I love the fiery colours and the sense of movement. I was contemplating exhibiting it in Portsmouth Cathedral this year - the cathedral has a lovely light, which would enhance the work.

However, my rule of thumb is to wait at least a year before showing experimental works. I want to see whether and how the work changes over time, especially if I have integrated organic matter.

I am intrigued by how well the leaves have kept their structure and colour for the last 9 months. They were glued to the canvas with plant-based, petroleum free Earthpaint Natural Acrylic Medium. (Last time I had to order it from the Netherlands, but there are finally some UK stockists!)

One happy accident was the "leaf sculpture" - here is hoping that it will continue to stay attached.

If not, there is always the option of creating giclee prints. :)


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