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The joy of art

Art can be provocative and disturbing, but it can also bring joy and increase wellbeing.

I was moved when a client, who bought a print of the above image this month, thanked me for sharing what I am creating: "I just wanted to let you know it [the print] is breathtaking! I was drawn to it online, but it is even more powerful in person..." (Cathy P, USA)

It is inspiring and humbling to hear what others see in something I have created. Thanks to modern technology, I can lift the spirit of someone who lives thousands of miles away.

I have also seen the positive impact of art closer to home. I had the pleasure of stewarding last Saturday at the AppArt exhibition, which finished on Sunday.

It was a chance to meet other artists and learn about their artistic process and inspirations. I gained a fresh perspective or saw different ways of doing things.

I was particularly inspired about the creative potential of old jerrycans and cutlery. They were given a new lease of life in outdoor sculptures. It gives me hope when people use their gifts for positive purposes.

I also loved watching the buyers. They were so excited when they found what they considered a personal treasure. The excitement appeared to be not just about the artwork, but the feelings, associations and memories evoked by a creation. It was uplifting to see so many smiling faces...

The next opportunity to see some of my original artwork in person is at the summer exhibition in Portsmouth Cathedral. In the meantime, please check out my limited edition prints which have been chosen to bring joy and hope. ALL profits will be donated to charity. The prints can be sent anywhere in the world FREE of charge.


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