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The joy of playing

Here is another preview of a painting that will be shown at the summer exhibition in Portsmouth Cathedral. I have called it "Tidal pattern" in memory of the many happy hours spent by the seaside, watching the patterns created and recreated by the changing tides.

This eco painting is made with natural dyes and eco paints and has been over a year in the making.

Last year I experimented with natural dyes made out of pomegranate skins and avocado skins and stones. I wanted to see whether and how the colours would develop over the course of a year before doing further work on the canvas.

To my mind, the colours have become richer and more interesting. I used to want materials that would not change or break down over time, but as we have become increasingly aware, it is the accumulation of "indestructable" materials that plays havoc with our environment.

I now enjoy the prospect of paintings continuing to mature and change over the years, as it reflects more closely what is happening in the natural world. ((Paintings should generally not be exposed to direct sunlight, moisture or extreme temperatures, regardless of the materials used.)

I take photos throughout the creation process, which allows me to record the changes.

Buyers of an eco painting can claim a free giclée print on Hahnemuehle Bamboo paper of their painting within the first year of purchase. It shows what the painting looked like at the time of purchase.

The natural dyes have been balanced with various eco household paints to add "permanent" texture and interest. (We have used eco household paints both inside and outside of our home for over 15 years and have never noticed any changes.)

I enjoyed experimenting with the different paints, letting the paint "dance" on the canvas. Here are some close ups:

To see the painting in person, please visit us at the Portsmouth summer exhibition in Portsmouth Cathedral.


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