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Bench time

At the beginning of the year, I usually ask for a watchword for the coming season, and the word I got for 2020 was “bench time”.

Bench time sounded static, and I was ready to move on and "do" something. (I had just spent half of 2019 nursing a twisted ankle...)

But this was 2020 - "time out" for the whole world. At first I tried to keep up a busy schedule, but then I slipped and hurt my toes when trying to rush into yet another Zoom meeting.

So a bench began to feature regularly in my life - literally and figuratively:

I learned to appreciate the concept of bench time: Dropping my load for a while… Letting memories bubble to the surface… Looking for what emerges… Treasuring the gifts of the present moment … Regaining energy and strength.

I am grateful that I can increasingly share my bench with friends and family again.

I expect that benches will continue to feature in my work, a reminder of the benefits of restful contemplation.

The two small unmounted one off giclée prints featured in this post are currently available in the online store.

Alternatively, you can pick up an original mounted mixed media collage featuring a bench in the browser of the Portsmouth Cathedral summer exhibition


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