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"Revelation" is part of the "Light in the darkness" series and was created, together with "Let there be light", for the summer exhibition in Portsmouth Cathedral.

On a sunny day, the nave of the cathedral is flooded with light, and the cathedral describes itself as "a beacon for people on land and at sea, helping them to navigate the passage of time with faith and confidence in God." I wanted to create art that could serve as a beacon, yet would also acknowledge brokenness and life's challenges.

In this piece, brokenness is represented by glass pieces from a glass bowl that got accidently smashed (I only work with glass that is already broken and difficult to recycle). I also incorporated millet seed husks. Husks are empty, and without life - words I have heard people use when describing their mental health crisis...

As so often, I asked others for title suggestions and then picked a title that resonated with me.

Revelation has several meanings for me. It makes me think of the last book of the bible, in particular the way the biblical story ends with the renewal and restoration of the universe.

It also makes me think of the signs of exuberant growth in nature during the spring and summer months. What a joy to step into my front garden and see flowers that seem to have sprung up and burst open over night after a period of cold and/or wet weather.

Even though I wonder some years whether we will skip the warmer seasons, experience has taught me to hold on to hope, even in times of extreme weather. I have never been disappointed yet. Life prevails over barrenness.

What do you see in the painting? I would love to hear your insights. Simply comment below or e-mail me at

Here are the alternative ways of looking at the canvas:


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