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Tidal play

Here is another environment-friendly painting that is heading to the summer exhibition at Portsmouth Cathedral, which begins at the end of this month.

Just as I enjoy watching the everchanging patterns created by the wind and the waves when I am by the sea, I also enjoy watching the interplay between different paints and materials.

I have called this painting “Tidal play” –I have been “playing” with pigments and a plant-based alternative to acrylic mediums and eco household paints produced by Lakelands and Graphenstone. Texture has been added using materials like water filter granules, which would have previously ended up in the bin, and plant materials.

Here are some close-ups of the painting:

The only decision remaining before the painting is exhibited in Portsmouth Cathedral is which way round to hang it.

I also like the perspective when the canvas is turned by 180 degrees:

The painting could of course also be hung in a portrait format:

I am curious: Which version do you like?

As usual, I will sign the work on the back to make it easy for a buyer to hang the painting in a different way.

The painting can be seen and purchased at the summer exhibition in Portsmouth Cathedral. This year there will be a private view on Friday, 29th July from 7-9pm.

The exhibition officially opens on Saturday, 30th July. You have got until 10th August to see the exhibition, which features more than 50 different artists and many different styles

Here are the opening hours for the exhibition:

10 am to 3 pm from Mondays to Saturdays (except for Wednesday, 3rd August when the exhibition will only be open until 12:15).

Sundays from 12.45 to 3 pm

I hope to see you there.

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