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"Together we rise" (Part 2)

Last week I shared about the role that local and (inter-)national groups have played in supporting my artistic and life journey. I hope you picked up some ideas of how you can build or strengthen your own support network.

Here are some further thoughts on how working with others can help us to grow and overcome challenges:


I have recently entered 3 paintings into the Chaiya Art Awards - 2 of the paintings were only painted in the final fortnight.

When I have an idea, I often spend months mulling it over and doing some research before picking up my paint materials. With the deadline of 31st August fast approaching, I felt I had left it too late to turn my vision into reality - but my friends would have none of it. They gently challenged me to stop procrastinating and get to work!

Regardless of whether I get into the London exhibition, I learned a lot about focus and perseverance.

Above is an extract from one of the paintings. My watchword for 2022 is "Lighter and brighter", and this is the first painting this year which I feel is heading in this direction.


Networking with other creatives also offers creative upcycling opportunities. I met glass artist Roy Duke in 2020 when I was looking for 30x30cm wooden boards for the Creative Visionary Program I was enrolled in that year. Roy happened to have wood left over from building his work shed cum studio in his back garden.

The "Memories" painting, which was sold at AppArt earlier this year, was one of the works painted on one of the leftovers from Roy's building project.

This year I could return the favour and gave Roy sheets of float glass from my frames for his own upcycling projects. Roy turned 1 1/2 sheets of glass into a beautiful bowl. (You can check out Roy's work on Instagram @shedioglass)

Yes, you can recycle wood and glass, but I love the creative possibilities of upcycling!


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