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Tweaks to carbon-neutral print service

To offer more flexibility and choice, I have decided to change the way that art prints are ordered. Instead of using Shopify as an intermediary, I will now order the prints from the printers on your behalf.

I will make suggestions for print sizes that would fit a standard metric or imperial frame, but different sizes up to the maximum print size recommended by the printers can be requested. Prints continue to be charged by size. Prints start from as little as £32 for prints fitting a 20cm x 20cm or 8” x 8” frame.

The Print Space offers 7 Giclée print papers and 4 papers for C-type digital photo prints, and you can choose a different paper from the one I suggest. There is no extra cost for changing the paper.

My favourite papers are Hahnemühle German Etching Paper and Hahnemühle Bamboo. The popular German Etching paper is a heavyweight (350 gsm) natural white cotton art paper without optical brighteners and so highly resistant to ageing. I like its finely textured surface which helps to bring out details and creates depth and a three-dimensional effect.

The Bamboo paper is the world's first digital fine art inkjet paper made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton, ensuring a resource-saving paper production. It weighs 290gsm and has a matt finish and a smooth texture. It again produces highly detailed prints. The paper tone is a warm creamy yellow. It offers maximum age resistance and is also free from optical brightening agents.

As I take high-quality photographs of my finished paintings and my art experiments, it is generally possible to create a print from any of my original work or process paintings. Please e-mail me at if you see a piece you like and we can discuss print options.

All prints will now be open edition rather than limited edition prints, but on request, I can e-mail you a certificate that confirms details of the print you have ordered, including title of the original artwork, chosen paper and print size. (Please note that prints are unsigned. This enables you to decide which way around you want to hang a print. Unsigned prints also allow for a speedier fulfilment of an order and usually save travel miles.)

Prints can be delivered directly from the printers, which enables me to offer shipping of standard prints free of charge anywhere in the world. However, any custom charges would have to be paid for by the customer. (There are no custom charges for EU customers as The Print Space has printing facilities in Germany.)

NB To demonstrate the print quality, even at large sizes, for both Giclée prints and C-type professional photo prints, I have laid 30” long test strips of Hahnemühle German Etching Paper and C Type Fuji Flex on my original artwork in the picture above.

Simply e-mail me at to discuss any print requirements.


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