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Wanted: Creative packaging solutions

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

I believe that the production of eco-friendly /environmentally conscious art needs to incorporate packaging.

I try to reuse packaging material wherever I can and have ended up with crates full of bubble wrap, tissue papers, shredded paper and assorted boxes and envelopes. I had intended to use this material when sending out originals and hand-finished prints directly from my studio.

However, Alice Sheridan and Louise Fletcher, two lovely UK artists, have pointed out in one of their podcasts* that nice packaging is part of the experience when buying a piece of art and that the wrong packaging could send the message that the artist does not really care about the work they have sold...

The prints I ordered from The Print Space to check out their work before launching my first limited edition prints came in a sturdy cardboard tube - there was a bit of bubble wrap used as a protective layer, but it was green (in both colour and credentials!)

I personally like my packaging as minimalist as possible. While it is really helpful to be able to order whatever we need online, I have also noticed how much packaging material most orders generate. (In many cases I have found that the bigger the supplier, the more wasteful the packaging!)

I have found a UK company who can supply recycled and recyclable packaging materials and offers a plastic free delivery. Unfortunately, some of the sturdy envelopes I ordered for the hand-finished prints I am currently working on are a fraction smaller than needed, so it is back to the drawing board for now...

I would love to hear your views - and any creative packaging solutions!

* Artjuice podcast, episode 120


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