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Well of inspiration: Creative "Bootcamp"

I have decided to enrol again in Nicholas Wilton's Creative Visionary Program to deepen some of the lessons I have learned previously.

Back in 2020, the 12 week "bootcamp" proved very timely. The online programme gave me something positive to focus on during the first UK lockdown, connecting me with artists and creatives around the world. It taught me key design principles, different ways of generating ideas and fresh ways of working. Most importantly, it helped me to discern what kind of art excites me. It ultimately gave me the confidence to retire early and go after my creative vision.

If you want to learn about useful design principles or kickstart your creativity, Nicholas offers 3 FREE workshops before the start of this year's Creative Visionary Program - design (14th February), value (15th February) and colour (17th February).

Here is a link where you can sign up to the free workshops:

The workshops are pre-recorded and are available for a week. They are released at 2pm UK time on the day. (The main programme will start on 24th February this year.)

I learned some useful tips and tricks from the free workshops when a friend sent me a link a few years ago, so I hope you find the workshops useful as well.

There is no obligation to take things any further and join the 12 week bootcamp. However, if you decide to join the main programme and want a "buddy" to work with during the bootcamp or beyond (you have access to the material for a year), please let me know. I find that any journey is more enjoyable and meaningful in the company of like-minded people.


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